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Bessteven is a leading factory & manufacturer of barbecue gloves. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail has established us as a trusted name in the industry.

Heat Insulation

The split cow leather, aluminum film and cotton for multiple heat resistant.


Cowhide have good strength and resistance to wear and tear.

Good Price

Increase your profit margins by working with a BBQ glove manufacturer.


Our high-quality gloves have got great feedbacks from customers.

Bessteven Gloves Expand Your Business

Our gloves are made from the finest material, and are rigorously tested to ensure that they can withstand the rigors of even the hottest and most demanding cooking environments.

BBQ Gloves --2415 (1)

Item: #2415

16″ Black&Gray Cowhide BBQ Gloves

  • The 16-inch length covers the arm more for enhanced protection.
  • These gloves are designed to resist heat with split cow leather, aluminum film, and cotton construction. The blue twill lining provides added comfort, while the TR fleece lining makes them waterproof.
  • CE approved, conforms to EN388, EN407, EN12477
BBQ Gloves --2412(4)

Item: #2412

16″ Yellow&Black Cowhide BBQ Gloves

  • The yellow&black patchwork design makes it stylish and attention-grabbing.
  • 16″ coverage, you will not worry about arm burning or splattering charcoal
  • The split cow leather, aluminum film and cotton to resist heat. The blue twill lining adds comfort, and the TR fleece lining makes the gloves waterproof.
  • With test report
BBQ Gloves --2416 (1)

Item: #2416

14″ Gray Cowhide BBQ Gloves

  • 14″ length gloves provide medium protection for arms, it is more convenient to wear than 16″.
  • The split cow leather, aluminum film and cotton to resist heat. The blue twill lining adds comfort, and the TR fleece lining makes the gloves waterproof.
  • CE approved, conform to EN388, EN407, EN12477

Item: #2421

Short Yellow Cowhide BBQ Gloves

  • These short BBQ gloves are so lightweight that you can put them on and take them off at any time.
  • It has the same composition as the other gloves: cowhide, aluminium foil, heat resistant cotton, with good heat insulation performance too.

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    BBQ Gloves --2415 (4)
    BBQ Gloves --2416 (4)
    BBQ Gloves --2412(6)
    BBQ Gloves --2415 (5)

    FAQ Guide Of BBQ Gloves

    Why Do We Need BBQ Gloves

    Barbecue gloves are an essential item for anyone getting serious about their grilling and barbecuing. They provide an easy way to protect your hands from intense heat and slippery surfaces while flipping steaks, brushing sauces or picking up heavy items. Not only can they save you from potential burns and blisters, but also provide a secure grip on the tools and utensils for a more precise cooking experience. Most gloves are made of durable materials that are able to withstand high temperatures, so you can worry less about them melting off your hands! A good pair of BBQ gloves are must-haves for anyone ready to tackle backyard grilling season.

    What Are The Best BBQ Gloves

    If you love grilling or barbecue, investing in a great pair of barbecue gloves is a must! They protect your hands from the scorching heat while still allowing you to manipulate the food and move it wherever needed. When shopping for barbecue gloves, it’s important to choose a pair that is sturdy, resistant, and comes with an ergonomic design for extra comfort. Be sure to pick ones that are heat-resistant up to 500°F and come with added grip padding for better control. Consider investing in longer gloves for more coverage and those with multiple layers for maximum safety. With so many varieties on the market, there’s something out there for everyone – just make sure to choose wisely and enjoy your time with the BBQ!

    How To Clean Leather BBQ Gloves

    Taking proper care of your leather barbecue gloves is the key to a long life and happy usage. Cleaning them requires more time and effort than other types of gloves, but with some patience and the right materials, they come back looking great every time! First you’ll need warm water and mild soap. For tougher areas, use a soft brush to help loosen dirt or debris. Once you’ve scrubbed away all the mess, dry the gloves off with a hand towel or paper towels then apply a leather conditioner for extra protection before storing them away for your next BBQ adventure. With these simple steps your leather barbecue gloves will remain in great condition!