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Winter gloves are a must-have item to keep our hands warm in cold weather. Finding reliable gloves manufacturing suppliers and purchasing bulk winter gloves is a key step, in developing a successful winter gloves business. And Bessteven, a manufacturer of high-quality winter gloves with the popular gloves brand “OZERO”, is a good choice for buying winter gloves in bulk.

Types of winter gloves

Knitted Gloves

Knitted gloves are made of different kinds of chemical fiber material spun into thread knitting, ladies love to knit all kinds of knitted gloves, should be the most common kind of winter warm gloves.
The main advantages and disadvantages: knitted gloves are more economical and practical, and a variety of styles, but also their own hand-knitting, like handy girls can knit a variety of patterns; shortcomings are knitted gloves easy to pilling, not wear-resistant.
Selection points: knitted gloves using knitting varieties are mainly divided into coarse, fine, fancy line and knitting line, coarse line is thicker and warmer, fine line is light and snug, fancy line fashionable and beautiful, knitting line is mostly machine knitting.

Woolen Gloves

Wool gloves are made of wool fiber yarn, and the lining is made of fine, rich cashmere, which is ideal for warmth in winter.
The main advantages and disadvantages: wool gloves have a soft and delicate feel, good temperature absorption, and have a shrinking pile, the pile surface is rich and tight, so the warmth is outstanding. In addition, wool is flexible, good recovery, thicker than other fibers, more wear-resistant.
Selection points: wool gloves wool content in about 80% to be considered better. General pure wool fabric smooth touch feel smooth, counter-wool has a stinging feeling, and blended or chemical fiber products, some less soft, some too loose, and have a sticky feeling.

Genuine leather gloves

Genuine leather gloves are made of animal leather such as head cowhide, goatskin, pigskin and sheepskin gloves, because the whole piece of leather cut and sewn, can lock in the warmth, is one of the more commonly used materials for winter warm gloves.
Main advantages and disadvantages: leather gloves leather soft and delicate, clear texture, wear a very elegant temperament, and wear-resistant anti-cracking, long service life, warmth lock temperature effect is good; However, the price of leather gloves is relatively high, cleaning and maintenance is more delicate.
Selection points: buy real leather gloves need to identify the authenticity of leather, real leather surface is very soft and smooth, rich and elastic, while artificial leather surface astringent, dead, poor softness, with a strong irritating plastic smell.

Waterproof fleece gloves

The outer layer of waterproof fleece gloves is made of waterproof and breathable material, which can always keep the gloves dry, while the lining of the fleece material plays the role of warmth and cold, and is mostly used for skiing and other outdoor sports.
Main advantages and disadvantages: waterproof fleece gloves outer layer with waterproof, moisture permeable, tear-resistant function, the inner layer has a good softness, breathability and warmth function, better care of hands; shortcomings is a higher requirement for material non-slip.
Selection points: fleece gloves palm should be fully lined with non-slip wear-resistant anti-slip rubber grain leather material, can increase friction and adhesion; wrist should be elastic tightening design and lengthening design, waterproof effect is better.


Product Description

*Material: Deerskin Suede Leather Shell Imitated rabbit fur cuffs with cashmere lined.
*Color: black/ khaki
*Size: S-M-L-XL
*Season: Winter
*Feature: Touchscreen/ windproof/ breathable/ cold resistant/ extra to grip
*Usage: Driving/ Cycling/ Biking/ Riding/ Hiking
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag
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Winter Gloves --8013 (3)
Winter Gloves --8013 (4)
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Product Description

*Material: Water resistant and windproof shell insulated artificial mink linner
*Color: Gray, Black
*Size: S-M-L-XL
*Feature: Waterproof, Cold resistant, Touchscreen, Anti slip
*Usage: Running/ Cycling/ Hunting/ Climbing/ Fishing/ Riding/ Skiing
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag
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Winter Gloves --9058 (4)
Winter Gloves --9058 (5)
Winter Gloves --9058 (6)


Product Description

*Material: Deerskin split +polar fleece lining insulated
*Color: Black/Grey/Yellow
*Size: S/M/L/XL
*Feature: Water proof, Wind Proof, Cold Proof
*Usage: Outdoor/ Working/ Skiing/ Hiking
*Package: 1 pair / poly bag
Winter Gloves --8007 (1)
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Winter Gloves --8007 (5)
Winter Gloves --8007 (6)


Product Description

*Material: Microfiber palm with PU reinforce and back+anti-knock silcone hell+velcro tape+elastic fabric
*Color: Black/ Golden
*Size: M-L-XL/ XXL
*Feature: Waterproof/ Windproof/ wear resistant/ breathable/ cold resistant
*Usage: Skiing/ Snowing/ Shoveling/ Motorcycling/ Riding/ Working/ Cycling
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag + locked bag
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Winter Gloves --1019 (4)
Winter Gloves --1019 (5)
Winter Gloves --1019 (6)

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