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Looking for builders gloves wholesale or work gloves wholesale? Bessteven manufactures and sells high quality protective gloves.

Hand protection is a key factor in workplace safety. The right work gloves can help keep employees safe from workplace hazards.
Leather work gloves are robust, hard-wearing, puncture-resistant and flexible. They are perfect for the construction industry, for material handling, masonry work, using hardware tools and much more. It is also suitable for automotive assembly, gardening, agriculture and other application scenarios. A good pair of work gloves will protect your hands from scratches, blisters, punctures and much more. Whether you are a construction worker by profession or you just like to do heavy work by yourself at home, you need the right gloves to protect your hands.

Good work gloves offer more than just protection; they should also be able to grip vibrating tools better. Leather gloves are dexterous and durable, with a strong grip to help you work efficiently. These particular work gloves are robust, abrasion and puncture resistant and are ideal for protection in the yard, shop or on the job site.

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Bessteven’s leather work gloves are the industry standard in terms of quality and performance.Bessteven are hand protection specialists and quality work glove manufacturers, we offer hand protection solutions and produce a wide range of leather gloves. Our work gloves are the most popular general purpose work gloves used in most industries.Bessteven offers high quality grades of cowhide, sheepskin and deerskin work gloves. Buy a variety of popular leather work gloves in bulk here for maximum savings.

Builders gloves wholesale at Bessteven, our work gloves provide safety and comfort for the toughest tasks and are durable.

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Product Description

*Material: Grade AB genuine cowhide leather
*Color: Golden
*Size: S-M-L-XL
*Feature: Abrasion resistant/ Breathable/ Wear resistant/ Easy to Grip
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag
*Usage: Gardening/ Welding/ Working/ Driving
*:/ Constructing/ Riding/ Fishing/ Hunting
Working Gloves --1008 (1)
Working Gloves --1008 (4)
Working Gloves --1008 (3)
1008 CE EN388certificate


Product Description

*Material: Grade AB Top Grain Cowhide Leather no lining
*Color: Golden
*Size: M-L-XL
*Feature: Abrasion Resistant , Breathable , durable.
*Usage: Gardening/ Working/ Driving/ Consructing/ Welding/ Motorcycle/ Riding/ Repairing
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag
Working Gloves --1005 (2)
Working Gloves --1005 (3)
Working Gloves --1005 (4)
Working Gloves --1005 (6)


Product Description

*Material: Suede cowhide leather with fabric lined
*Color: Yellow
*Size: M/ L/ XL
*Feature: Natural suede cowhide leather is very soft and smooth, wear comfortable enough with hands,wear resistant for camping/ welding/ gardening/ working
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag with warning
Working Gloves --2007 (1)
Working Gloves --2007 (2)
Working Gloves --2007 (4)

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