What Must Be Know Before Purchasing Bulk Fleece Gloves

Purchasing bulk fleece gloves from manufacturer is a good way to save cost and improve your bussibess. There are also many aspects to be aware of when buying fleece gloves in bulk.

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What is fleece glove

Fleece is light, soft, warm, elastic material, and gloves made from it have the same characteristics.

1, according to the type of fleece to buy: composite fleece and double-sided fleece. The composite fleece is made of two types of fleece of the same or different quality, which are laminated together through the processing of a laminating machine. The double-sided fleece is processed by the double-sided fleece pilling process, and both sides show the fleece texture effect at the same time. The price is generally a little higher for compound fleece.

2, according to the length of the pile can be divided into long and short shake-grain fleece. The former is more expensive, but the general warmth effect is better.

3, the general fleece gloves for 100% polyester material, the price of good technology is higher, and comfortable, there will be no pilling, static electricity and other problems. Cotton fleece is rarely, because the process problem, cotton fleece gloves easy to pilling.

4, the fleece gloves are thin and thick, the higher the denier (D) factor, the thicker. The higher the denier (D) coefficient, the thicker the product will be marked.

5, fleece gloves is a kind of knitting fabric, and is plush texture, so its hook yarn risk is higher. How to avoid it, it is recommended to buy products with high yarn density, and fleece pile should be rich, not sparse. No knotting, knotting phenomenon, so the product hook yarn phenomenon is lower.

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The skills of buy bulk fleece gloves

1, high quality products will generally have denier (D) coefficient and count (F) embodied, can be selected by comparison. If the denier factor is the same, the higher the count, the better the product, the weaker the comfort and the warmth.

2, cycling gloves recommended to buy short hair products, grip effect is better. Avoid cycling in the off handle.

3,Bunch mouth elasticity test: gently pull, require its elasticity and resilience performance is high, can automatically adjust the elasticity.

4,Appearance quality inspection.

1) fabric: easy to material sparse, fiber distribution uneven condition. High-quality fleece glove fabric hand texture is clear, no yarn twisted wrong, hook yarn, cotton knots, etc..

2) color: gloves uniform color, no color loss phenomenon.

3) fingers: whether it is a single finger or split fingers, finger parts should be round and smooth, no lumps and other foreign objects between the finger seams.

5, there is a lining of the fleece gloves, require soft and comfortable material used in the lining, no hair loss, floating hair; stitching is strong, no open lines, holes.

6, can be touched by hand, require no lint phenomenon. If there is, such products more yarn sparse, low density, warmth effect is poor, and will be reduced with the use of time.

7, because the fleece gloves for fluffy texture, especially long fleece, some defects are easy to cover up. When buying, you should open the gloves and check carefully to avoid buying products with quality problems, such as holes.

Tips for buying bulk fleece gloves

1, the ordinary fleece gloves easy to absorb dust, mostly due to its own fiber with electrostatic properties.

2, the glove size should be appropriate, if the glove is too tight, restricting blood flow, easy to cause fatigue, and uncomfortable; if too loose, inflexible, low warmth, and easy to fall off.

3, fleece gloves children, the elderly or people with respiratory diseases cautiously purchase, to avoid falling hair caused by disease.

4, the surface of the glued ornaments of the fleece gloves pay attention to check the workmanship, if there is overflow glue recommended not to buy, because the ornaments are easy to fall off and residual glue marks.

5, in the end to buy a full finger or half finger, shall end depending on the needs of individuals to buy. Half-finger advantage is cool, flexible, from the pocket to take small things, the use of cell phones are very convenient.

6, usually the size of the gloves and height-related, but each manufacturer’s mold structure is not the same, and even the male and female proportions are different, so the biggest focus is the right fit can be, not to be afraid to become loose and buy a small one, and not to be afraid to wash it after the tightening and buy a large one.

7, people with large fingers, buy gloves or choose the right size, in the style (back part of the hand) to pick the whole piece or straight cut gloves, greater elasticity, because the stitching itself poor elasticity, straight cut gloves in the wear can also retain the lateral extension of elasticity, not to tight.

Some misconceptions about buying fleece gloves

1, only focus on the beauty, not focus on the material.

Gloves for direct contact with the skin products, even if the contact area is not large, the material is not good gloves can also cause harm to the body, especially the elderly and children, when buying should check its composition logo.

2, the thicker the fleece surface, the better the warmth effect.

The warmth effect has nothing to do with the thickness of the fleece. The main thing to look at is the D-number of the fleece. Generally, the higher the index, the better the feel of the fabric, the warmer it is, and the higher the price. For example, 100D/144F, 150D/144F.

The purchase process of wholesale fleece gloves

1, Select the finger type of fleece gloves (can refer to the purchase basis) style.
2, Fabric check, (can refer to buying tips).
3, Request to try on.
4, Check the trademark (with or without inspection mark, certificate of conformity, origin, etc.).
5, Inquire about the way of maintenance (maintenance, washing and precautions, etc.)
6, Transaction (make a good habit, keep the shopping voucher).
7, After-sales service.

Maintenance care of fleece gloves

1,Wash mainly on the suede side, because the suede side is easy to hide dirt, need to focus on cleaning.
2, in strict accordance with the wash mark for cleaning and care, only dry cleaning products can not be washed.
3, dark and light colors are washed separately to avoid staining.
4, should not be exposed to the sun, easy to fade, fiber aging fast.
5, should not be twisted and dried.
6,Storage in a dry and ventilated place, moisture-proof and insect-proof treatment.
7,Shake-grain fleece gloves are intimate products, it is recommended that after the purchase of a wash before use, you can remove some residues from the product dyeing process.

Wrapping Up

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