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Gloves are one of the most important pieces of personal protective equipment and they help protect your hands.
Bessteven wholesale leather work gloves, our leather gloves are made from premium materials. We are proud to offer cowhide, deerskin, goatskin, pigskin and other premium materials. The premium leather of these leather work gloves is soft and comfortable, and durable.
Our gloves are suitable for industrial, construction, masonry, agriculture, steel, gardening and other industries to give the best protection to the hands from rough objects and impacts.

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Product Description

*Material: Grade AB Top Grain Cowhide Leather no lining
*Color: Golden
*Size: M-L-XL
*Feature: Abrasion Resistant , Breathable , durable.
*Usage: Gardening/ Working/ Driving/ Consructing/ Welding/ Motorcycle/ Riding/ Repairing
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag
Working Gloves --1005 (1)
Working Gloves --1005 (3)
Working Gloves --1005 (4)
Working Gloves --1005 (6)


Product Description

*Material: 100% genuine cowhide leather
*Color: Golden
*Size: S-M-L-XL
*Feature: Breathable/comfortable/smooth/soft/wear-resistant
*Usage: motorcycle/motocross/motorbike/riding/ racing/driving/ working/welding
*Package: 1 pair/poly bag
Motorcycle Gloves --1016 (1)
Motorcycle Gloves --1016 (2)
Motorcycle Gloves --1016 (3)
Motorcycle Gloves --1016 (4)


Product Description

*Material: Deerskin split +polar fleece lining insulated
*Color: Black/Grey/Yellow
*Size: S/M/L/XL
*Feature: Water proof, Wind Proof, Cold Proof
*Usage: Outdoor/ Working/ Skiing/ Hiking
*Package: 1 pair / poly bag
Working Gloves --2007 (1)
Working Gloves --2007 (3)
Working Gloves --2007 (4)

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