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Product Description

*Material: Polyester/ Waterproof Bag
*Color: Black/ Dark Gray/ Light Gray
*Size: S/ M/ L/ ML/ XXL
*Feature: Waterproof/ Windproof/ Warm
*Usage: Skiing/ Outdoor/ Play Phone/ Cycling/ Climbing/ Hiking
Winter Gloves --9045 (4)
Winter Gloves --9045 (3)
Winter Gloves --9045 (2)
Winter Gloves --9045 (5)


Product Description

*Material: Water resistant and windproof shell insulated artificial mink linner
*Color: Gray, Black
*Size: S-M-L-XL
*Feature: Waterproof, Cold resistant, Touchscreen, Anti slip
*Usage: Running/ Cycling/ Hunting/ Climbing/ Fishing/ Riding/ Skiing
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag
Winter Gloves --9058 (5)
Winter Gloves --9058 (2)
Winter Gloves --9058 (4)
Winter Gloves --9058 (6)


Product Description

*Material: Windproof artificial suede shell with TR cotton lined, waterproof membrane insulated and Elastic Knit Cuffs
*Color: black
*Size: S-M-L-XL-XXL
*Feature: Touchscreen/ waterproof/ windproof/ breathable/ anti-silp/ extra to grip
*Usage: Cycling/ Biking/ Running/ Motorcycling/ Driving/ skiing/ Snowing
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag with warning
Winter Gloves --9048 (4)
Winter Gloves --9048 (1)
Winter Gloves --9048 (6)
Winter Gloves --9048 (3)

Customers Reviews

9048 -review(1)

I have to powerwash car lots and they also get shammed with a chamois. When it’s 30-40° out and you have to wring out a chamois your hands freeze in like 2 seconds. I was SUPER skeptical of these gloves as I bought a different pair that claimed to be waterproof for $20 and they soaked right through. Well, let me tell you guys. I worked outside all day yesterday with these. The outside got soaked from blowback water and wringing the chamois out, but my hands were completely warm and dry the entire time! Except for hands sweating of course lol. My hands stayed warm all day and I can’t express how good it is to have these for my job. I highly recommend them and the dexterity is good for gloves this thickness. If this pair gets damaged I will order 2 more pairs! Thank you so much for the creator of these gloves! You have made my job bearable for the coming cold months!

9048 -review(2)

I got these gloves for ice fishing. I’ve been looking for decent gloves with good finger maneuverability and warmth. They’re holding up great so far, and I’d definitely buy them again!

9048 -review(2) -image
9048 -review(3)

These gloves are really great for the price. I had been looking for gloves that would keep my hand warm whole shoveling snow and these do a fantastic job of that. They have nice grip and can use your phone while wearing them. I wear them casually as well since the color matches with almost every thing. Completely satisfied with these gloves and highly recommend!



9013 certificate
9032 certificate
9048# CE certificate


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