How to clean goatskin gloves? Goatskin gloves cleaning and maintenance tips

Abstract: goatskin gloves are gloves made of goatskin, which have the advantages of not being easily damaged, longer service life, comfortable to wear, heat protection, and better insulation properties. However, it should be noted that goatskin gloves cleaning is more trouble, because leather gloves can not be washed, but to wipe clean with a special cleaner for leather. In addition, goatskin gloves require delicate maintenance, including away from high temperatures, keep clean, careful collection, etc.. Here’s how to clean and maintain goatskin gloves!

A. Can goatskin gloves be washed in water?

Goatskin gloves cannot be washed in water, because the leather fiber tissue will swell and loosen when exposed to water, making the gloves deformed. Leather gloves can cause different degrees of damage to the leather if they are cleaned with coarse textured cleaners, powdered cleaners or organic cleaning solutions.

B. How to clean goatskin gloves

1, Goatskin gloves external dirty can be wiped with a special cleaner for leather, can remove dirt, or wipe with a clean flannel cloth dipped in protein solution, both to remove dirt, but also to make the leather surface shiny.

2, more stubborn difficult to wipe the stain can be cleaned with diluted detergent, wash and dry after dehydration, placed in a cool and ventilated place dry.

3, if the leather gloves on the moisture mold, you can use diluted Turkish red oil wipe to remove mold.

4, if the goatskin gloves are dirty inside, it is recommended to wash once with neutral soap, rinse clean, then wrap paper towels on the exterior and air dry; after air dry take a clean eraser, dip a little egg white or toothpaste and wipe the dirty place.

Tips: If you are not good at cleaning, you can also send your gloves to a professional cleaning store to let the professionals clean and maintain them for you.

C. How to maintain goatskin gloves

1, goatskin gloves maintenance should be careful not to easily get wet, because goatskin gloves are leather gloves, often get wet, it will make the warmth of the gloves decline, if the water, to immediately wipe, to ensure that the gloves dry.

2, in the usual use of time to pay attention not to let the glove is sharp objects scratch, goatskin gloves once the damage is difficult to repair, so the usual use of time must pay attention to some.

3, after the use of goatskin gloves, to be placed in a dry place with low temperature, goatskin gloves are most afraid of high temperature, do not expose the goatskin gloves to the sun, not to use the fire baking, to prevent the leather hardening brittle crack.

4, Goatskin gloves to try to ensure clean, so you can effectively extend the service life of goatskin gloves, we should pay attention to the method of cleaning, everyone in the cleaning and wiping gloves, we must first use a dry cloth to wipe away the dust on the leather, and then coated with maintenance oil.

5, place the goatskin gloves should be careful not to let other items overwhelm the goatskin gloves to avoid damage to the elasticity of the leather side of the glove, affecting the appearance of the shape.

6, collection of goatskin gloves should pay attention to first to their own goatskin gloves wipe maintenance oil, and then put in a clean storage bag to avoid staining dust.

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