Top Glove Manufacturer
Top Glove Manufacturer

Shenzhen HongFuYa Trading Co. Ltd is a glove manufacturer with over 8 years experience, we are proud of our excellent craftsmanship and continuous diligent in this field. After years hard work, we become a competitive wholesale and retailer seller in the e-commerce market. Currently we have over 5000 square space with self-owned design department and brand operation department. We hope to play a leading role in the gloves industry, and become the most popular manufacturer of high end.

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*The Heatlok system “traps” air creating a thermal barrier keeping the warmth in the gloves.

*These unisex gloves are perfect for outdoor sports even when the temperature drops between -40°F to 10°F.

* This unique blend of soft deerskin and polar fleece is combined with warm lining to provide moderate abrasion resistance and improved grip with superior comfort and warmth.

*The adjustable wrist cuffs allow you to create a snug fit that keeps cold out and warmth in.

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