How does touch screen gloves work

Due to the cold weather, we basically wear gloves outdoors, and the touch screen used in cell phones can not be in the case of wearing gloves to achieve good operation. And the emergence of touch screen gloves, to a large extent, to solve this trouble for us. Touch screen gloves in the part of the finger using a conductive material, so the fingertips and the screen can still form an effective capacitance between the screen, so that the screen can work properly. There are tips for selecting touch screen gloves, so let’s take a look with Bessteven next.

A. What is the principle of touch screen gloves

First of all, want to know how the touch screen gloves work, we must first know how the touch screen is to work.

The cell phone, tablet equipped with touch screen is basically a capacitive screen, is based on the human body’s induction current line of work. Capacitive screen is a four-layer composite glass screen, the innermost screen and the middle layer, are coated with a chemical coating ITO, and in the outermost layer coated with a thin layer of silica glass as a protective layer. The ITO coating, which is the entire capacitive screen is an important working surface, they are led from the four corners of the screen four electrodes, to ensure a good working environment for the shielding layer.

And when we touch the capacitive screen with our fingers, due to the role of the electric field in the human body, coupling capacitance will be formed between the fingers and the ITO working surface. And on the working surface, due to the high frequency signal connected to the working surface, there will be a tiny current absorbed by the finger away. This current is respectively from the four corners of the screen, and the current flow through the four corners of the size of the finger and the four corners of the distance is proportional to the phone’s precision calculations can be derived from the specific location of the finger touch. Simply put, the finger touching the screen, the generation of induction current, and this induction current to make the capacitive screen work.

The reason why ordinary gloves can not make the screen work is that ordinary gloves are made of thick insulating material, which leads to the finger in touching the screen, the distance between the finger and ITO coating is too far apart to form capacitance and cause the screen can not work. Touch screen gloves, it is used in the finger parts of the conductive materials (such as fabric fibers containing metal), so the fingertips and the screen can still form an effective capacitance between the screen, so that the charge and current can be transmitted, so the screen can work properly.

B. How to choose touch screen gloves

1. Woolen fabric type: the most accurate but not durable enough

Touch screen gloves are mainly made of wool fabric and leather, wool touch screen gloves are the most common one, the price is not expensive, usually a few dozen dollars can buy, the way to achieve touch control is mainly in the fingertip integrated conductive fabric. Relatively speaking, because it can tightly wrap the palm, so its precise operation of the best, but the disadvantages include easy to pilling, not durable enough, single-layer design, but warm. In the purchase of touch screen gloves, we recommend considering some higher prices, more quality styles, such as in the wool surface integrated honeycomb touch points, not only to achieve better operation, but also more warm.

2. Leather type: the most beautiful but poor precision

3. Multifunctional type: suitable for outdoor sports

Like skiing and other winter outdoor sports friends can consider multifunctional touch gloves, these gloves are usually relatively large, using high-tech composite materials, to achieve good wind protection, warmth effect. But obviously, its precise operability is not excellent. This time, some of the styles with flexible design is better to use, such as the use of double-decker design finger cover, the internal conductive wool, the external is a flexible cover can be put on or taken off, while achieving sports and cell phone use needs.

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