How to choose ski gloves

Ski gloves are mainly used in outdoor skiing sports, and their production materials include high-density polyester, oxford cloth, nylon plaid, taslon and other materials. Ski gloves are very important for skiers, when buying, should pay attention to the quality of the ski gloves fabric, warmth, size, slip resistance, water-resistance and other characteristics. How to choose ski gloves? Then take a look at the ski gloves material and purchase method with Bessteven.

A. What are the materials of ski gloves

The whole process of double-boarding depends on the ski poles in the ski slope, due to the specific use of ski gloves, necessarily require the corresponding function, so the requirements of the gloves are very high, not only to keep warm, cold, and softer, wear-resistant, cut-resistant.
The following is a brief introduction to the common materials of ski gloves.
The main fabric material: high-density spring yarn, Oxford cloth, nylon plaid cloth, horizontal pattern taslon.
The main palm material: high-grade PU, elastic towel cloth + anti-slip drip plastic, non-slip leather.
The main palm material: soft cotton, fleece.

B. How to buy ski gloves

1. Fabric quality
Fabric quality is the most important, to have a certain resistance to abrasion, cutting resistance, resistance to tearing ability, skiing falls and bumps inevitably, if the fabric is not strong gloves easy to break, the hand is also very easy to be injured. The current more professional ski gloves even in the main protective parts of the production of bulletproof vest Kevlar material, very strong, safe.

2. The fabric should be sticky snow
What is the ski glove purchase method? Ski gloves should have high waterproof performance. Exterior with leather, chemical fiber or rubber material gloves waterproof are good, cotton, wool, velvet and other materials easy to stick snow, will make the glove inside and outside soon wet and cold, serious will also cause finger frostbite, so sometimes wear fleece or woolen gloves skiing, even bad than bare hands.

3. Warm breathable
Warmth is the basic requirement, glove breathability is also important, so that the hot time sweat in time to evaporate out, to avoid the damp and cold feeling when the amount of exercise decline, and not breathable gloves often cause gloves sweat and smelling not good.

4. Slide double board to choose split finger gloves
The size should be suitable, thin and thick suitable. Need to ensure finger flexibility, easy to zipper in the ski resort, take things, adjust the snow boots, snowboard, up and down the gondola, etc.. Some double-board gloves are also made into the shape of the natural bend of the fingers, wearing a more natural, comfortable. Snowboard gloves wrist longer, often hold the snow surface is not easy into the snow, some have a wrist structure, to prevent hand support when the ground contusion.

5. Non-slip
In order to ensure that when wearing gloves can grip a more solid and reliable, convenient to grip snow poles, snowboard, towing, cable car, etc., the finger palm must be non-slip.

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