How to clean leather motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle riding is a cool thing. However, many motorcycle accidents occur every year around the world and riders purchase protective clothing to reduce their chances of being injured. Leather is a common material for motorcycle gloves due to its durable and wear-resistant properties, as well as the fact that it can be designed in different styles. However, how to clean the gloves has become a problem for the rider.

Leather products require careful handling. For the surface of the leather, we can buy some leather-specific cleaners from the supermarket to wipe. However, cleaning the inside of the glove does not seem to be so simple. The inside of a leather glove can become increasingly unpleasant if left unwashed. Beststeven lists some ways to keep your gloves fresh for your reference.

• During the ride, our hands produce a lot of sweat, which accumulates in the gloves. This is the biggest cause of bad smell in motorcycle gloves. After riding, put a piece of desiccant inside the glove, which can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, prevent the glove from odor and keep it fresh.

• Here’s another neat trick. We can use thin gloves made of other materials, such as cotton gloves, to be worn under leather gloves. Sweat will be absorbed by thin gloves and leather gloves will not come into direct contact with hands, making it easy to change and clean.

We can find many products in the market for cleaning motorcycle gloves. It’s worth mentioning that riders should first check to see if the glove manufacturer recommends using such a product for cleaning gloves. Using unsuitable products may impair the quality of the leather and reduce its lifespan. There are also professional workers in the market who provide the service of cleaning gloves, but the price is quite expensive.

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