OEM Buckskin Gloves

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Why Buckskin

Soft and Comfortable

Buckskin gloves are very comfortable to wear and are flexible. The leather is soft and supple, with a natural dimple but rich texture that makes them look great. Because of their elasticity, buckskin gloves often fit your hands and fingers better than cowhide and other popular and common types of leather. Because buckskin gloves are inherently more snug, they help keep cold air, moisture and other natural elements out.


Buckskin gloves are also very durable, and despite being a naturally soft leather, they are highly abrasion resistant. They won’t rip or tear easily and provide excellent protection for your hands. Because of their durable qualities, buckskin gloves are ideal motorcycle gloves that will protect your hands equally well from the road, bugs, sun and weather. The thick, soft leather provides greater natural padding than many other types of leather, while also providing excellent protection from road rashes and other potential injuries as you ride.

Greater finger dexterity

Another huge advantage of buckskin gloves over cowhide and other competing leathers is their excellent dexterity. When you wear buckskin gloves, you can adjust the idle speed without removing the gloves because you can actually feel the idle speed adjuster with your fingertips. Other types of leather won’t let you do this. The grip and feel of the throttle, clutch and front brake is also better when you wear buckskin gloves while riding. And when you reach for your wallet, put on or take off your riding glasses or adjust your helmet strap, you can do these things with your buckskin gloves on. Most other gloves will need to be removed.

Better drying characteristics

If you’re like most serious motorcyclists, sooner or later you’re going to encounter rain. When you’re wearing buckskin gloves, rain isn’t as much of a problem. The leather stays tight and soft when wet, keeping your hands warm. However, when the rain stops and the sun comes out, your gloves will stay soft and not harden as cowhide and other types of leather gloves often do. This makes buckskin gloves one of the best all-weather riding gloves you can find.

Natural coloring

Gloves made from buckskin are usually naturally colored and may be bleached to maintain a balanced look. Unlike cowhide, goatskin and other popular alternative leathers, little or no stain is used in making buckskin gloves. So when you ride in the rain or have sweaty palms on a hot day, you don’t have to worry about the annoying stain transfer that often occurs with many dyed leather gloves.

Why Bessteven

Rich Manufacturing Experience

Over 8 Years of glove manufacturing experience.

High Quality of Popular Brand

It has always been our goal to provide our customers with the best quality products. We own glove brand “Ozero”, which the GMV is more than 15 million dollars every year.

Nice & Professional Service Team

The communication will be smooth. Our service team is professional and with full passion to help customers to achieve their requirements and ideas.

CE, ISO Certificated

Our products are approved by third-party certification organizations.

Genaral Processings

silk printing, heat printing, embroidered, laser engraving, heat transfer, etc

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