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The sheep are bred in large numbers and have a short growing cycle. The large number of breeders ensures a stable supply of sheepskin, which is one of the most common natural leathers on the market today.

With the maturity of leather processing technology in recent years, sheepskin both in leather quality or appearance have made great progress, sheep leather products are often encountered in life, such as sheepskin as raw materials for bags, clothing, excellent quality, the appearance of atmospheric, has been welcomed and affirmed by the market.

Goat skin structure is strong, tensile strength is better, because the skin layer is thicker so more wear-resistant. The pores of goat skin are lined up in rows in the shape of “tiles”, the surface is fine, the fibers are tight, there are a lot of fine velvet pores arranged in a semicircle, and the feel is tight.

With the advancement of modern technology, the tanning process of goat skin has been greatly improved, and the softness of goat skin is comparable to that of sheep, and in terms of softness alone, there is no gap between goat skin and sheep skin, and goat skin has the tensile strength that sheep skin does not have, which is better than quality. It can also be used to make shoe leather, garment leather, glove leather, luggage and some women’s bags, which is one of the best quality leather.


Product Description

*Material: Grade AB genuine goatskin leather
*Color: Yellow. Black
*Size: M-L-XL
*Feature: Abrasion resistant/ Breathable/ Wear resistant/ Easy to Grip
*Usage: Gardening/ Welding/ Working/ Driving/ Constructing/ motorcycling
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag
Motorcycle Gloves --5002 (1)
Motorcycle Gloves --5002 (3)
Motorcycle Gloves --5002 (5)
Motorcycle Gloves --5002 (4)


Product Description

*Material: Leather, Goat leather of no lining
*Color: Golden, Black
*Size: M-XL
*Feature: Breathable, sweating, abrasion resistant
*Usage: Motorcycling/ General working/ Gardening
*Package: 1 pair/ Zip Bag
Motorcycle Gloves --5021 (1)
Motorcycle Gloves --5021 (4)
Motorcycle Gloves --5021 (5)


Product Description

*Material: Grade AB Goatskin Leather palm fingertip touch, double-layered back adjustable velco
*Color: yellow, black
*Size: S-M-L-XL
*Feature: Touchscreen/ sweat-absorbent/ breathable/ wear resisitant/ extra to grip/ anti knock
*Usage: Motorcycling/ Racing/ Motocross/ Driving/ Motorbike/ Mechanical operating/ Riding
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag with warning
Motorcycle Gloves --5035 (1)
Motorcycle Gloves --5035 (2)
Motorcycle Gloves --5035 (4)

4 Tips of goatskin maintain

(a) do not wash with water: leather fiber tissue will swell and loosen when exposed to water, making the glove deformed, if accidentally stained with water, must be handled immediately, dry towel to absorb the water, and then placed in a well-ventilated place to dry, never sun or bake with hot air, otherwise the leather will be damaged, hardened, after treatment of the glove remember to put on leather maintenance oil (the most common is Bili Zhu, generally available for sale in the mall), can make the glove restore luster as well as softness.
(B) do not bake: gloves after moisture, should be placed in a ventilated dry place, let the water evaporate as soon as possible, avoid exposure to the sun or baking with the fire to prevent leather hardening brittle crack.
(C) should be dry cloth to wipe away the dust on the leather surface first, and then coated with maintenance oil.
(D) do not press: will make the glove leather surface of the elasticity is damaged, the appearance of the shape is also affected.

If the glove is not used for a period of time, should be added to the surface of the glove without maintenance oil, and then sealed with a plastic bag, otherwise it is easy to mold

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