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Searching for the best Oven Glove factories, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers? Bessteven is a leading oven glove manufacturer and supplier in China.

Get hands on with your firewood using Bessteven Oven Gloves. These gloves received the heat-resistant certification, which means they stand up to the top contact temperatures of the oven range. The internal aluminum insulation and a comfortable leather exterior provide superior heat protection at high heat. Top up your fuel with peace of mind knowing your hands are protected in true style.


Product Description

*Material: Split Cow Leather With Aluminum Film and Blue Twill Cuff and Aramid Line + TR Fleece
*Size: 14 inches
*Color: Gray / Gray+Black
*Usage: BBQ/ Welding/ Oven/ Fireplace
*Feature: Heat resistant/ Wear resistant/ Breathable
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag
BBQ Gloves --2416 (3)
BBQ Gloves --2415 (6)
BBQ Gloves --2416 (4)
2416# CE certificate
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