Project Description

Fitness Gloves –8010

Price: $4.35 – $5.50

Product Description

*Material: Split deer skin leather palm with silica gel pad.
*Size: S-XL
*Color : Black, Blue
*Feature : Breathable/ Sweat-absorbent/ Tear-resistant/ Easy to adjust.
*Application: Cycling/ Running/ Biking / Riding.

About this Item

  • The palm base of these fingerless gloves is made of high quality deer split leather that is well known as a superior material with excellent breathability and comfortability,it is also anti-skid.When you are cycling or doing workout with these gloves,the leather keep your hands cool while creating a solid grip on handle bars.The palm interior is made of the deer split leather too for ensuring wearing the glove is comfortable. They are very helpful for sports in both gym and outdoor environment.
  • Non-slip and comfortable, protect your hands from calluses and sprain – These workout gloves, offering your hands protection and comfort, are made from specially-processed soft deerskin leather, which increases the friction between the gloves and the palms during fitness exercises to prevent palm’s calluses caused by sliding
  • Extra grip and wear resistance – Except the thick and cozy split deer leather that is more durable and comfortable than microfiber materials, these weight lifting gloves also have three elastic silicone palm pads whose surface has excellent adhesion and friction on smooth metal surface, which enable you to grasp fitness equipment tightly to avoid injury caused by slippery equipment during exercise at gym
  • Breathable and sweat-absorbent for men and women – The breathable fabric on the back has good elasticity to make the cycling gloves more fit well to various hand shapes. And with the adjustable magic paste, the gloves also have perfect fit for men’s and women’s wrists
  • Professional Half Finger sports Gloves wholesale – Provide your hands with strong protection and grip for summer outdoor sports and fitness exercises: gym workout, fitness, weightlifting, bodybuilding training, cycling, road bike, mountain bike, windsurfing, motorcycle, horse riding, hiking, hunting and so on
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