7 Protective Glove Manufacturers In China

Searched far and wide for the top suppliers and manufacturer of protective gloves no avail ?We’ve listed the top companies manufacturing and wholesale protective gloves in China.

1. Qingdao Xingyu Safety Products Co., Ltd.

Company Type: Supplier, importer, brand manufacturer, wholesaler, designer, exporter, trader

Key Products : Work Gloves, Safety Gloves, Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Company Profile: Xingyu Gloves Co.,Ltd,is one of the largest safety gloves manufacturer in China.Our products include latex gloves,nitrile gloves,PU gloves,PVC gloves,HPPE gloves,disposable gloves,etc.There are around 4000 workers,over 100 production lines.

2. Ningbo Ablespring International Trading Co., Ltd.

Company Type: Supplier, importer, brand manufacturer, wholesaler, designer, exporter, trader

Key Products : Garden Pots & Planters, Tools & Hardware, Tool Sets, BBQ, Personal Protective Equipment

Company Profile: Ningbo Ablespring International Trading CO., LTD. is manufacturer and trader of home and garden products, who established in 2011 at Hongkong, 2016 at Ningbo China, factory area over 2,000 square meters, there are more than 80 high-qualified employees . The output of our company can reach 10,000,000 usd to15,000,000 usd per year.We export to more than 20 countries,main markets including the United States , East and west Europe,United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa,and the Belt and road countries, etc. And we are a supplier of Walmart ,CVS , Walgreens , Target , Michaels ^many large supermarkets in USA , Canada^ also . The strength of Ningbo Ablespring is in its core management principles and advanced service consciousness . Ningbo Ablespring plans ahead with experienced foresightedness, strive to bring the planning into reality and in the process learn from its achievements and mistakes. It has grown gradually, excelling year by year. Ningbo ablespring focus on bringing one-stop service to our customers : including quotation, manufacture, shipping arrange, Port of destination clearance and transport to the warehouse of customers if needs . Ningbo ablespring always strive to create a good ecological chain environment, it think about what the customers think and what the customers have never thought of.Ningbo Ablespring welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and achieving mutual success !

3. Shandong Max Glove Co., Ltd.

Company Type: Supplier, importer, brand manufacturer, wholesaler, designer, exporter, trader

Key Products : Latex Coated Gloves/Nitrile Coated Gloves/PU Gloves/Cut Resistant Gloves/Anti-Impact Gloves/

Company Profile: We focus on safety work gloves.MaxGlove is not only glove producer ,we are also the safety product defender.

4. Shijiazhuang RunLei Labour Protection Supplies Co.,LTD

Company Type: Supplier, importer, brand manufacturer, wholesaler, designer, exporter, trader

Key Products : Cotton Gloves, Arthritis Gloves, Embroidered Gloves, Welding Gloves, Driver Leather Gloves

Company Profile: Shijiazhuang RunLei Labour Protection Supplies Co.,LTD was established in 2010. Our main products are cotton ceremonial gloves, embroidery gloves, eczema gloves, arthritis gloves, work safety welding leather gloves, mechanic gloves and other gloves made by sewing. We have 8 sales person, each of them has more than 3 years marketing experience. Our gloves have been exported to more than 100 countries, mainly to the United States and Western Europe, we also registered many brands there.And we also have many customers sell gloves on Amazon and other online shops, we could provide DDP door to door terms.For gloves, we have more than 50 different types of certificates, guaranteeing that each glove is produced according to international standards. Our company also has many Chinese glove supply chains for export, such as safety gloves, sports gloves, fashion gloves and daily gloves. After 10 years of development, our factory has more than 60 workers including 5 cutting workers and 40 sewing workers, and we have 200 cutting molds. Each sewing worker is with 5 years experience, they could make very close stitch distance. We also have a full quality inspection department to ensure that each glove has no holes, no extra thread ends, and the defective rate is below 0.5% . We always believe that quality is our soul. And the vision of our factory is to offer everyone in the world a pair of useful gloves.

5. Qingdao Eternity Safety Co., Ltd.

Company Type: Supplier, importer, brand manufacturer, wholesaler, designer, exporter, trader

Key Products : Coated Gloves, Leather Work Glove, PVC Industrial Gloves, Cut Resistant Gloves, Mechanic Gloves

Company Profile: Qingdao Eternity Safety Co., Ltd has been in the safety and efficiency business since 2013 and our growth every year has exceeded all expectations. There’re more than 200 kinds of various coated gloves, cut resistant gloves and mechanic gloves, 4 production line, over 240,000 dozens gloves will be produced and exported per month. We’ve got BSCI, ISO 9001, ISO14001 and SGS factory audit. Mostly products were CE certified. We’ve exported more than 100 countries and regions, thousands of buyers have chosen us. We pride ourselves on serving our customers and helping them fulfill their needs.Our mission is to produce and supply high quality work gloves to worldwide workers, we value every employee, pay attention to their growth and value everyone’s dedication.Professional forging ahead, work with perseverance, delight the customer, team spirit, dare to bear and lifelong growth are our core values.Almost 10 years later, we remain as dedicated as ever to being a trusted supplier, and serving those who demand performance, reliability, and safety!

6. Linyi Lanshan Zhencheng Labor Supplies Protective Factory

Company Type: Supplier, importer, brand manufacturer, wholesaler, designer, exporter, trader

Key Products : Latex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, PU Gloves, Rubber Gloves, PVC Gloves

Company Profile: Our company is famous in China and was founded in 2009. We are specialized in producing safety products in China. We manufacture market labor protection gloves which include knitted cotton gloves ,latex coated gloves ,nitrile coated gloves and laminated latex gloves .Beginning in 2007,we focus on the hand safety over 8 years . In order to keep the competitive advantages cost and quality ,we exercise vertical integration strategy.In our plants ,we own advanced production facilities ,there are 2 polyester fiber production lines ,4air spinning cotton yarn production lines ,510 automatic glove knitting machines and 5 latex coated glove production lines ,15laminated latex gloves production lines,5PVC dotted gloves production lines.There are 500employees in our plants.In the gloves plant, we produce more than 12million pairs of gloves annually. Our subsidiaries are a cotton yarn factory and a safety glove factory, covering an area of more than 40000 square meters. Our total investment is100millionYuan. We have 500staff members and 10special technicians. Our cotton mill produces more than 5000 tons of cotton yarn, and our safety glove factory produces 6million pairs of many kinds of yarn gloves, 6million pairs of rubber coated and laminated gloves each year. Our company is located in Linyi, which is famous as the “logistics capital”, with very convenient transportation and developed commerce. With the help of logistics networks, we can send products to every city or town all over the whole country. Presently, our sales network becomes perfect day by day and the agents and dealers all over the country have powerful influence. With our perfect sales network, we make market segmentation and product innovation to satisfy different requirements of our customers.

Company Type: Supplier, importer, brand manufacturer, wholesaler, designer, exporter, trader

Key Products: Protective Glove, Working Glove, Motorcycle Glove, Winter Glove, BBQ Glove, Fitness Glove

Company Profile: Shenzhen HongFuYa Trading Co. Ltd with over 8 years of experience, we are proud of our excellent craftsmanship and continuous diligence in this field. We work hard to produce top-quality leather gloves with artistic beauty. We own the brand “Ozero “. After years of hard work, we become a competitive wholesale and retailer seller in the e-commerce market. Currently we have over 5000 suqare space with self-owned design department and brand operation department . We hope to play a leading role in the gloves industry , and become the most popular manufacturer of high end.

– Featured Protective Gloves


Product Description

*Material: 100% genuine cowhide leather
*Color: Golden
*Size: S-M-L-XL
*Feature: Breathable/comfortable/smooth/soft/wear-resistant
*Usage: motorcycle/motocross/motorbike/riding/ racing/driving/ working/welding
*Package: 1 pair/poly bag
Motorcycle Gloves --1016 (1)
Motorcycle Gloves --1016 (2)
Motorcycle Gloves --1016 (3)
Motorcycle Gloves --1016 (4)


Product Description

*Material: Grade AB Top Grain Cowhide Leather no lining
*Color: Golden
*Size: M-L-XL
*Feature: Abrasion Resistant , Breathable , durable.
*Usage: Gardening/ Working/ Driving/ Consructing/ Welding/ Motorcycle/ Riding/ Repairing
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag
Working Gloves --1005 (1)
Working Gloves --1005 (3)
Working Gloves --1005 (4)
Working Gloves --1005 (6)


Product Description

*Material: Suede cowhide leather with fabric lined
*Color: Yellow
*Size: M/ L/ XL
*Feature: Natural suede cowhide leather is very soft and smooth, wear comfortable enough with hands,wear resistant for camping/ welding/ gardening/ working
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag with warning
Working Gloves --2007 (1)
House Renovation
Working Gloves --2007 (3)
Working Gloves --2007 (8)

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