How to identify real sheepskin gloves

How do I recognise genuine sheepskin gloves? A pair of high quality leather gloves is very strict in its choice of material. Bessteven leather glove craftsmen sort and select each sheepskin according to its grade, thickness and opening according to the style of the model, in order to ensure that every leather that enters the production process is of high quality.

Bessteven leather gloves craftsmen select leather with a flat, rounded grain pore that penetrates more obliquely into the leather; clear pores, several in a group, arranged like scales or serrated teeth; and a pattern like a “water ripple”. The leather must be light, thin and soft to be the ideal fabric for sheepskin gloves. The result is a beautiful pattern, soft and natural lustre, light, soft and flexible, but not as strong as cowhide or pigskin.

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Here is a brief introduction by Bessteven on how to identify the authenticity of branded sheepskin gloves.

Look: identify the finest lambskin through the texture and pores of the cleaned leather surface; see the flexible lambskin fibres through the fibres of the cut section of the sheepskin.

Smell: especially if the first layer of lambskin has been hand-polished, the smell of leather is stronger, whereas gloves made of matching or imitation leather usually smell of chemical paint.

Touch: The outer layer of top quality lambskin is very soft and smooth, the inner layer is super fine and comfortable against the skin due to the lambskin scent, but silk-cotton and even chemical polyester are stiffer.

Burning: Genuine lambskin, like other natural skins such as cowhide, burns and leaves the ashes of real leather gloves easily twisted into powder form with your fingers, while giving off the smell of protein (e.g. burnt eggs) and a scent; but matching skins or imitation skins will have the pungent smell of burnt plastic.

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Real sheepskin glove

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