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Bessteven is a premier ski gloves manufacturer in China providing exceptional quality gloves to distributors, wholesalers and retailers alike.

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Ski gloves are the key accessory that no ski enthusiast can go without! It’s important to invest in good ski gloves: as not only are they keeping your hands warm and dry, but they also offer you great grip and control over ski poles. So don’t forget to ensure you have a great pair of ski gloves before hitting the slopes this winter!

Bessteven Ski Gloves Rocket Your Business

  • Our gloves are made of superior quality materials, providing superior warmth and comfort to skiers in even the coldest conditions. They are also designed with the latest technology, ensuring that your customers will have the best experience on the slopes.

  • We offer competitive wholesale prices and fast shipping to get your order where it needs to go. Let Bessteven be your source for quality ski gloves and you will be sure to get the best value for your money.

  • With powerful production capacity, we’re able to produce ski gloves in large quantities that can handle harsh weather and conditions with quality you can trust.

  • Additionally, if you’d like to show your brand and make ski gloves with customized logos and designs, we also offer services to meet those needs as well – to create a ski glove specifically tailored for your needs. We strive for customer satisfaction so don’t hesitate to contact us for ski gloves that meet both your practical and aesthetic needs!

  • At Bessteven, we are committed to ensuring that you have top communication and professional support with whatever ski gloves needs you may have. With our fast response times and attentive customer service, we’re here to make sure that your ski glove purchase is smooth sailing. Our experienced specialists understand the ski market and will be able to provide advice on finding ski gloves that are both functional and stylish at a great wholesale price.

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Why Bessteven Ski Gloves

What are our ski gloves made of:

Top grain cowhide leather palm, waterproof Shell,

3M thinuslate lined, adjustable wrist stripe.

What are the features of our ski gloves:

  • Waterproofing
  • Windproofing
  • Wear resistance
  • Breathability
  • Cold temperature resistance
CE EN511-WO-1019-Y

CTC Certificate

Winter Gloves --1019 (6)

Waterproof and highly breathable softshell nylon that is strong, durable and quick drying. Always choose a breathable nylon fabric on the back of your hand, so that you don’t feel stuffy when skiing.

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Our gloves are crafted with superior quality, premium cowhide leather palms. Reinforced patches protect areas that experience the highest levels of wear and tear. Thinuslate lining makes excellent breathability without compromising warmth. Double thread stitching ensures that the gloves provide you with stable protection even under high force.

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Back of the hand wrist strap to ensure the perfect fit. Super easy-on, super easy-off comfort.

The Back of the Hand Wrist Strap is perfect for those who want to make sure their ski gloves have the perfect fit. Super easy-on and super easy-off, it is a great addition to ski gloves!


  1. Ski gloves manufacturers can provide ski gloves that perfectly fit with current ski trends and styles, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to ski apparel.
  2.  Ski gloves manufacturers are able to provide reliable production schedules that work around business needs and deadlines.
  3.  Ordering directly from the factory, the wholesale price is usually lower, which has a greater profit margin。

Firstly, a supplier with years of experience in ski gloves will be more likely to provide quality and reliable ski goods than someone just starting out in the industry. Additionally, search for customer reviews and testimonials from past customers. Any reputable ski glove supplier should be able to offer assurance of quality thanks to positive feedback from those who have purchased their ski gloves before. Finally, do a quick search online about the ski gloves themselves to see if any reports of product failure or malfunction exist that could affect reliability down the line – this last step is an important step that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Sure, there is no MOQ for our ski gloves. It’s necessary to check your applications and the gloves quality before bulk buy ski gloves. Samples will be sent very soon from our warehouse while we get the sample order.

The cowhide leather is soft to the touch yet tough enough to protect your hands from cold weather, wind, and daily wear-and-tear without showing signs of fatigue. In addition to helping you have a good grip on your skis while shredding the slopes, cowhide gloves will also mold to your hands over time, giving you additional comfort and warmth.

Gloves are more flexible while mittens are warmer, it depends on what you are care about.

High-quality mittens might be the perfect choice for women and children – who often get cold fingers more easily than other skiers.

However, if you need more dexterity, better grip, or want to protect your hands from freezing temperatures when taking photos, gloves are the answer.

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