What are the best heat resistant gloves

Heat resistant gloves are used in many work and food preparation scenarios. The main purpose is that of hand protection for operators in high temperature environments.

There are some tips when customers buying heat resistant gloves, to help the gloves that are suitable for their high temperature operations.

First of all, in the high temperature training course, we classified the high temperature into 3 cases, 1. environmental high temperature; 2. radiation high temperature; 3. contact high temperature.

1. environmental high temperature: this is similar to the temperature in the weather forecast, in life and industrial work is difficult to use protective equipment to protect, generally use air conditioning to cool down. It is basically not involved in hand protection.

2. radiation high temperature: this is equivalent to the temperature under the hot sun in summer, because the sun or fire and other heat radiation caused by the high temperature, this situation is now widely used to protect the heat reflection, such as the use of aluminum foil material to reflect most of the radiation heat.

3. Contact with high temperature: In the process of work and food production, many objects have high temperatures of their own. And the operation requires personnel to move or contact this high-temperature objects, protection is necessary.

In the selection of high temperature resistant gloves must focus on 2 factors: contact temperature + single contact time. These two factors are indispensable. Contact with the object temperature is to consider the glove and high temperature object contact surface glove material is stable, will not occur because of high temperature physical or chemical reaction, for example, to reach the ignition point or burning charcoal, or high temperature oxidation. Single contact time is to consider the temperature from the outer surface of the glove to the inner layer of the glove and more than the time that the human hand can tolerate the temperature. If your single contact time is less than this period, then it is within a safe time frame.

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Product Description

*Material: Split Cow Leather With Aluminum Film and Blue Twill Cuff and Aramid Line + TR Fleece
*Size: 16 inches
*Color: Gray / Gray+Black
*Usage: BBQ/ Welding/ Oven/ Fireplace
*Feature: Heat resistant/ Wear resistant/ Breathable
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag
BBQ Gloves --2415 (4)
BBQ Gloves --2415 (1)
BBQ Gloves --2415 (6)
BBQ Gloves --2416 (4)
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2415# CE certificate

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