Welding gloves are special protective gloves designed for welders to work with. These gloves are fire resistant and insulated to protect the worker’s hands from the high temperatures, molten metal and flying sparks of the welding process.

Welding gloves are just as important as welding masks for welders, most of the commercially available welding gloves are made of pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin etc. The entire length of the sleeve is generally greater than 18 cm and the material is generally canvas or leather.

What are the high quality welding gloves?

1.Welding gloves should be made of hard-wearing, radiation heat resistant leather, cotton canvas and leather ensemble material. The length should not be less than 300 mm, the stitching should be strong and welders should not wear gloves that are torn or wet.

2. When welders work in welding places where electricity may be conducted, welding gloves should be made of materials with insulating properties (or additional insulating layers) and be qualified by a voltage resistance test of 5000V before they can be used.

3. Welding gloves material requirements

3.1 Appearance: The leather is plump, soft and flexible, of uniform thickness and colour. The pile is fine, even and firm.

3.2 The thickness of the leather and canvas should be as specified.

3.3 The mechanical properties shall be in accordance with: the leather for the palm and back of the hand shall be soft and strong and of uniform thickness. The leather for the sleeve should be slightly elastic.

4. Requirements for the production of welding gloves

4.1 The palm and back of the hand of a welding glove should be studded with a strip of leather and it should be made of chrome-tanned cowhide or pigskin. The edge and reinforcement skins should be of the same leather as the palm and back of the hand. The width of the reinforced lining should be 15 mm or more.

4.2 Stitch sizes 3 to 4 stitches/cm in the open; 4 to 5 stitches/cm in the dark.

4.3 Sewing: The hand shape should be correct, the stitches should be straight and flat, the stitch length should be proportional and the tension should be appropriate. If broken stitches, continuous missed stitches or skipped stitches are found, re-stitching should be carried out or the defective stitches removed and re-sewn.

– Featured Welding Gloves

#2415 / 2416

Product Description

*Material: Split Cow Leather With Aluminum Film and Blue Twill Cuff and Aramid Lined +TR Fleece
*Size: 14 inches / 16 inches
*Color: Gray*Black
*Usage: BBQ/ Welding/ Oven/ Fireplace/ Gardening/ Camping/ Baking
*Feature: Heat resistant/ Wear resistant/ Breathable
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag, 50 pairs/ carton
BBQ Gloves --2415 (1)
BBQ Gloves --2416 (1)
BBQ Gloves --2416 (3)
2415# CE certificate

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