What are the trends in leather products

With the development of modern technology, and people’s concern for environmental protection, the leather goods industry has also set off a reform. This has led some leather product factories and leather product retail to make changes in production and sales, so what are the trends in leather products?

leather glove factory

1. Eco-leather

The concept of eco-leather contains the following four aspects: firstly, eco-leather does not bring pollution to the environment in the production and manufacturing process; secondly, the process of processing it into leather products is harmless; thirdly, the use process is harmless to the human body and does not pollute the environment; fourthly, it can be biodegraded and the degradation products will not produce new pollution to the environment. In the production process, the leather industry will focus more on the application of cleaner production technologies, which will require the development of green chemicals and pollution-free processes, and focus on reuse and recycling within the process.

2. Unique and textured

At present, the main special effect leathers available on the market are wrinkled leather, wrestled leather, rubbed effect leather, matte leather, pearl leather, fluorescent effect leather, pearl rubbed effect leather, imitation old effect leather, crystal leather, frosted effect leather, lizard leather, colour changing leather, suede leather and so on. There is also a trend to transplant technologies from the textile industry and other industries such as gripping, tie-dyeing, batik, tie-dyeing, hollowing and electronic engraving into the leather industry to produce special effect leather. Of course special effect leather is not only limited to the surface effect of the appearance, but more importantly to develop functional leather, such as waterproof leather, oil resistant leather, stain resistant leather, flame retardant leather, washable leather, aromatic leather, etc. The main special leathers currently on the market are fish leather, snake leather and ostrich leather, which require top and high-grade raw materials. Special effect leathers and special leathers are constantly being used in leather goods production to effectively enhance the grade of the products: functional leather fabrics – to enhance the practicality of the products; aromatic leather fabrics – to enhance the attractiveness of the products; rare leather fabrics – personalised and fashionable products; leather fabrics produced using high technology – products that are both beautiful and practical.

3. High and new technology is increasingly applied to the leather industry field

High and new technology used in the tanning process, ultrasonic technology, electronic technology, microwave and high pressure technology are applied to the leather field, the future of nanotechnology will also be used to leather, the design and manufacture of leather is also a great influence. For example, sonic technology can make leather more homogeneous and uniform, and it can make enzymes transferable and also reduce the waste of leather. Nano-tanning agents, which can solve the problem of material contamination. Nano coating agent can be antibacterial pollution and other characteristics.

4. Branding

The world’s major leather brands in Europe, such as the Italian industrial and commercial centre Milan, European leather leather centre Florence, the fashion capital of France Paris and other places. After a long period of sedimentation, due to the excellent design and good quality, more and more leather products merchants have gained a good reputation, and consumers are more willing to buy leather products from such merchants.

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