What Clothes Should We Wear When Running In Winter

When the temperature drops in winter, many people who love running are kept at home by the cold wave. However, there are still some people who are willing to insist on running. So, what clothes and accessories should be prepared for winter running?


When running in winter, the head is the largest contact area with the outside world, and running process sweating easy to make the head cold, if you can not guarantee the head warm and dry, is very easy to get sick, therefore, the running process recommended the use of quick-drying or fleece hat. Can play the role of absorbing sweat and warmth.

Upper body

To ensure that the upper body warmth can make the running process more smooth, so the upper body with the appropriate is very important, winter running upper body equipment, of course, can use three layers of dressing method, the body can wear light long-sleeved or short-sleeved to ensure the effectiveness of breathable and thermal insulation, in the base coat outside the choice of lightweight fleece undershirt as an insulation layer, the outermost protective layer of a quality skin windbreaker is sufficient.


Gloves and hats in the winter function is similar, the cold wind exposed hands are easy to affect the whole running experience, so choose a relatively warm running gloves for hands to provide a warm haven can also greatly improve the running process of sports performance. If you love night running, you can also choose gloves with reflective function, killing two birds with one stone.

Although the running process our legs have been in motion, but the legs are still in the running process is very easy to get cold. Winter running legs should choose the right compression pants, if the temperature is too low, you can choose the fleece compression pants and then with sports pants. Remember not to choose cotton or fleece underwear, the friction and sweating in road running will be unbearable.

Winter running due to the drop in temperature, breathable heat dissipation running shoes are no longer applicable, you should choose a shoe with a warm upper design, so that running is not cold feet. Shoes should be non-slip in addition to warm. In addition, socks are recommended to refuse cotton socks, so as not to run breathable with friction.

Before running in winter, make sure to do enough stretching to avoid cramps caused by cold weather. In addition, when the temperature is too low, it is not recommended to run, so as not to endanger health. After all, running is to strengthen the body, not to challenge the limit.

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