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When cold weather comes, we need a reliable source of protection from the cold.

Gloves may not get as much attention as your other winter clothing, but they provide valuable warmth and protection when the temperature drops. Whether you’re running, walking the dog or commuting to work, the winter weather can work against you. For the ultimate in winter warmth, check out Bessteven.

Buy wholesale products related to waterproof gloves from manufacturers. Quality control, custom logos, door to door shipping. Bessteven offers a wide range of wholesale waterproof gloves products. We produce high quality gloves and mitts with attached fingers to help keep people’s hands warm this winter. As a leading winter sports glove brand, it is our duty to produce the best fitting gloves in terms of material, performance and comfort.

Bessteven offers our waterproof gloves at affordable prices. Our quality products will keep your hands warm and protected from the cold.

Bessteven offers advanced durability and versatility to ensure your hands are protected and warm during all cold weather activities. Warm winter gloves for your daily commute, or grippy, waterproof gloves for skiing. Gloves and accessories made with our product technology will keep you warm and dry in cold weather while remaining breathable when the weather warms up.

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Product Description

*Material: Microfiber palm with PU reinforce and back+anti-knock silcone hell+velcro tape+elastic fabric
*Color: Black/ Golden
*Size: M-L-XL/ XXL
*Feature: Waterproof/ Windproof/ wear resistant/ breathable/ cold resistant
*Usage: Skiing/ Snowing/ Shoveling/ Motorcycling/ Riding/ Working/ Cycling
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag + locked bag
Winter Gloves --1019 (4)
Winter Gloves --1019 (5)
Winter Gloves --1019 (6)


Product Description

*Material: Water resistant and windproof shell insulated artificial mink linner
*Color: Gray, Black
*Size: S-M-L-XL
*Feature: Waterproof, Cold resistant, Touchscreen, Anti slip
*Usage: Running/ Cycling/ Hunting/ Climbing/ Fishing/ Riding/ Skiing
*Package: 1 pair/ poly bag
Winter Gloves --9058 (1)
Winter Gloves --9058 (4)
Winter Gloves --9058 (5)
Winter Gloves --9058 (6)


Product Description

*Material: Deerskin split +polar fleece lining insulated
*Color: Black/Grey/Yello
*Size: S/M/L/XL
*Feature: Water proof, Wind Proof, Cold Proof
*Usage: Outdoor/ Working/ Skiing/ Hiking
*Package: 1 pair / poly bag
Working Gloves --9002 (1)
Working Gloves --9002 (6)
Working Gloves --9002 (5)
Working Gloves --9002 (4)

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