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Elevate your winter glove business with Bessteven Gloves. As industry leaders, we are dedicated to crafting premium winter gloves that set the standard for quality. With our unrivaled solutions, we cater to the needs of distributors, wholesalers, and retailers across the globe.

Excellent Quality

Our gloves are meticulously crafted using premium materials to provide maximum warmth, comfort, and durability, ensuring your customers experience unmatched satisfaction.

Outstanding Design

Our team of experienced designers continuously innovate and create glove styles that captivate the market, ensuring that your customers not only stay warm but also make a fashion statement with our trendy and eye-catching designs.

Reasonable Price

We understand the importance of competitive pricing in today’s market, and we offer attractive wholesale rates that allow you to maximize your margins while offering exceptional value to your customers.

Top-Notch Customer Experience

From prompt and responsive communication to efficient order processing and timely delivery, we prioritize your needs, helping you build strong and lasting relationships with your customers.

Bessteven Gloves: Meeting Your Business Needs

Bessteven Gloves are the experts when it comes to creating sophisticated winter gloves. As one of the leading manufacturers, we deliver top-notch quality and solutions for distributors, wholesalers, and retailers worldwide. Partner with us to offer your customers the best winter gloves on the market, and watch your business thrive.

Winter Gloves --8007 (1)

Item: #8007

Buckskin Polar Fleece Lined Winter Gloves

Crafted from premium deerskin split and lined with polar fleece insulation, the WO-8007 gloves offer unmatched warmth and comfort during cold weather conditions. Their windproof and cold proof features provide exceptional protection against harsh winter elements, making them perfect for working, skiing or mountain hiking.

Winter Gloves --8008 (1)

Item: #8008

Warm Winter Gloves With Deerskin Palm

The WO-8008 gloves combine high-quality split deer skin palm, polar fleece back, and thermal tr cotton lining for a soft and breathable design. The elastic cuffs provide a secure fit and enhance overall comfort. With their cold-proof construction and superior grip, these gloves are versatile for activities such as driving, cycling, running, skiing, and snowing. 

Winter Gloves --9014 (1)

Item: #9014

Touch Screen Polar Fleece Winter Gloves

The WO-9014 gloves offer a versatile solution for outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted from a blend of polar fleece and insulated tr cotton, these gloves cater to a range of outdoor activities. Their touchscreen compatibility allows for effortless use of electronic devices, while their coldproof and windproof construction ensures optimal warmth and comfort in challenging weather. Furthermore, the gloves prioritize breathability and lightweight design, promoting extended periods of comfortable wear.

Working Gloves --2008 (1)

Item: #2008

Cashmere Lined Winter Cowhide Gloves

The WO-2008 gloves offer high-quality protection with Grade AB split cowhide leather and a cashmere lining for added warmth and comfort. With excellent resistance to cold, wind, abrasion, and wear, these breathable gloves ensure dry hands without sweating. Their superior grip makes them versatile for various activities like gardening, working, welding, driving, skiing, snowing, and hiking.

Winter Gloves --0015 (1)

Item: #0015

Knit Winter Gloves With Non-Slip Touch Screen

Crafted from cozy knit material and lined with fluffy polyester, these gloves offer exceptional warmth and comfort in chilly weather. With their touchscreen capability, you can effortlessly operate your phone without the hassle of taking off your gloves. Additionally, the gloves feature an anti-slip design, ensuring a secure grip to avoid any unintended slips.

Winter Gloves --1017 (1)

Item: #1017

Waterproof Cowhide Warm Mitten For Winter

The WO-1017 gloves combine high-quality cowhide grain leather palms with a waterproof shell and a thermal 3M Thinsulate lining, ensuring superior performance for various outdoor activities. With features like waterproofing, windproofing, wear resistance, breathability, and cold resistance, these gloves provide lasting comfort and protection against the elements.

Winter Gloves --1019 (3)

Item: #1019

Waterproof Cowhide Warm Winter Gloves

WO-1019 gloves feature high-quality top grain cowhide leather and 3m thinuslate lining for superior warmth and comfort in cold weather. Their adjustable stripe wrist provides a secure fit, while their waterproof, windproof, and wear-resistant properties make them suitable for outdoor activities like skiing, snowing, shoveling, motorcycling, riding, working, and cycling.

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    FAQ Guide Of Oven Gloves

    Can I machine wash my gloves?

    We recommend hand washing our gloves to maintain their quality and prolong their lifespan. However, certain models may be machine washable. Please refer to the care instructions provided with your gloves.

    What materials are commonly used in the construction of winter gloves?

    Winter gloves are commonly made from materials such as leather, synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester, and insulating materials like Thinsulate or fleece.

    Can winter gloves be used with touchscreens?

    Yes, some winter gloves are designed with touchscreen compatibility. These gloves often have conductive materials incorporated into the fingertips, allowing you to use touchscreens without needing to remove your gloves.

    Are there any specific features to look for in winter gloves for extreme cold conditions?

    For extreme cold conditions, look for winter gloves that offer additional insulation, such as those with multiple layers or built-in thermal linings. Consider features like adjustable cuffs or wrist straps to seal out cold air and moisture effectively.